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All Total War Pharaoh factions

The three Total War Pharaoh factions are each tailored for a specific brand of destruction, learn about their differences to figure out where you belong.

Total War Pharaoh factions: an ancient Egyptian leader holds a bettle in his hand.

What are all the Total War Pharaoh factions? The TW series is finally dipping its toe into the Nile and taking players back to the time of the Egyptians – a civilization that lasted for thousands of years but is criminally underrepresented in the strategy sphere. There are three factions available in TW Pharaoh at launch, but what are they?

The age of the Pharaohs is here, and if our Total War Pharaoh review is anything to go by, it’s a good one. Read up on all of the Total War: Pharaoh factions and their ideal TW Pharoah leader as you ramp up for total domination. Here are all three Total War Pharaoh factions and what they specialize in.

Total War Pharaoh factions: a huge army on horseback.

Every Total War Pharaoh faction

Here are the three Total War: Pharaoh factions:

  • Egyptians: Controlling the lands on the western banks of the Red Sea and the Sinai peninsula, the Egyptians are one of the two major rival empires in Total War: Pharaoh. The Egyptians favor highly trained, lightly armored troops that specialize in hit-and-run tactics.
  • Hittites: North of the Levant in Anatolia, the Hittites are another powerful late Bronze Age empire. Skilled in metallurgy, the Hittites field heavily armored soldiers who are slower but very powerful.
  • Canaanites: Occupying the lands of the Levant between Anatolia and Egypt, the Canaanites are often caught in the crossfire of warring empires. They’re the clear underdogs in Pharaoh, but they have the advantage of being stealthy, swift, and highly flexible both tactically and strategically.

Those are all the Total War: Pharaoh factions – with each one approaching the art of war slightly differently, you shouldn’t have trouble choosing one that suits you. If you’re looking for some warfare with a slightly different flavor, we have a list of the best Total War games here, the best grand strategy games for those who take a big-picture look at domination.

This guide was also written by Ian Boudreau.