All Total War Pharaoh leaders

Learn more about the Total War Pharaoh leaders, the factions they belong to, and a bit more about their ambitions for their rule over their people.

Ramesses is one of the eight Total War Pharaoh leaders available at launch. He is looking at a dung beetle on his finger.

Who are the Total War Pharaoh leaders? Creative Assembly’s Total War series has seen its fair share of historical and fantasy settings over the years, but never before has the turn-based strategy/RTS hybrid gone to Ancient Egypt. Given that the dynasties of the Pharaohs lasted for thousands of years, it’s surprising that we’re only now exploring the setting for the first time.

While the Egyptians make up half of the leaders in Total War: Pharaoh, they aren’t the only ones vying for control of the region. Each of the Total War: Pharaoh factions has its own iconic leaders in history, though, as you can probably imagine, they are not anywhere near as well-known. Check out our Total War Pharaoh if you want to know more about the strategy game, but we have all of the major players here to help you decide which of the Total War Pharaoh leaders is worth your backing.

Total War Pharaoh leaders

Total War Pharaoh has eight leaders to choose from. That list will expand with post-launch DLC, including three new factions and a new campaign. For the time being, however, here are the generals you can expect to play as in Total War: Pharaoh:

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  • Ramesses: A young prodigy, he has a lesser claim to the pharaoh’s throne than others, but he is a talented leader and has some of Egypt’s best-trained units.
  • Seti: The rightful heir to the throne, Seti’s focus is on aggressive expansion through war.
  • Amenmesse: Another of the pharaoh’s children, Amenmesse is remembered by history as a usurper who controlled Egypt for about four years.
  • Tausret: The last known ruler and final pharaoh of the Nineteenth Dynasty of Egypt, she is thought to be the sister of Amenmesse. She’s a strong-minded and resilient strategist, though it seems that her rule may have ended abruptly during a civil war.
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  • Bay: A schemer who is nonetheless highly pragmatic, Bay is an expert in ambush tactics.
  • Irsu: A hardened raider for whom the concept of governance is meaningless, Irsu relies on plunder to fuel his conquests.

Total War Pharaoh factions: a man dressed in traditional war garb, holding a spear and a shield.


  • Kurunta: A power-hungry secessionist who seeks the Hittite crown for himself – he views his people as nothing but a tool to reach that crown.
  • Suppiluliuma: A defensive leader, Suppiluliuma values the happiness and morale of his people above all else.

Those are all the Total War Pharaoh leaders. While it’s exclusive to PC, you may want to know if Total War Pharaoh crossplay exists between Steam and Epic Games Store versions.