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Total War: Rome Remastered’s new patch lifts mod caps improves functionality

Total War: Rome Remastered's 2.0.2 patch adds a load of enhancements to support modding and some major UI changes.

totar war rome remastered mod support

Aug 11, 2021 The 2.0.2 patch is out now. Here are the patch notes.

Patch 2.0.2 for Total War: Rome Remastered is now in testing as an opt-in beta, and it brings with it a load of extra support for the modding community – such as lifting various limit caps, such as units, to be “virtually unlimited”. It also brings with it “significant improvements” to the game’s UI.

Back in April Feral Interactive, the developer behind the Rome remaster, promised to lift the limits from the original game to provide more support for the Total War modding community. It seems to be keeping this promise, as the new Rome Remastered patch offers a ton of support for modding including completely lifting the limits on various factors such as units, map regions, and resources to be “virtually unlimited” – or more specifically, “a theoretical maximum of 4,294,967,296 entries” which is probably enough.

Feral is also merging various features from the Barbarian Invasion and Alexander expansions into the main game to allows mods to use them easier. This includes swimming, religion, immortality, loyalty, and the ability to command AI units not to attack certain factions.

The full patch notes can be checked out here, which include a load more modding improvements – even towards the mod manager itself, as it now shouldn’t crash when messing with multiple large mods or uploading to Steam Workshop. Mods can now even force graphics settings, including fixing the toggle between Classic and Remastered modes, if they should wish.

Beyond mods, the UI sounds like it has undergone a massive overhaul in-and-out of battle, with a load of quality-of-life improvements. For example, plague-infected units now have their own warning icon,  players can zoom in and out of the minimap, and assassinating people sounds a little easier now.

There are a load of great mods for Total War: Rome out there, so hopefully a few of these will start coming over to Remastered too – perhaps in an improved and expanded way after this patch.