Total War Saga: Troy gets Amazons DLC pack next week, free for a limited time

The Troy Amazons pack adds "two of the fiercest female heroes of the age" to the strategy title

A Total War Saga: Troy is in for a new DLC ‘Hero Pack’, and soon, publisher Sega has announced. The strategy game’s upcoming content drop brings the formidable, “fearless Amazons” to the game, with the addition of “two of the fiercest female heroes of the age” to the title. Oh, and it’ll be free to grab and keep if you pick it up within the first two weeks following its launch.

“Fifteen years before Paris takes beautiful Helen of Sparta and sparks the Trojan war, a group of Athenian raiders lands near Themiscyra, bent on pillage and plunder,” a press release explains. “The defenders, fearless Amazons, manage to repel them, but their queen Antiope, sister of Penthesilea and Hippolyta, falls as her glorious city burns around her. Daughters of Ares, warriors at heart, death lives at the tip of their arrows! For there, on the battlefield, they exult…”

The first of these two Amazon heroes, Hippolyta, has the power to capture “sacred regions” in the game, which in turn means the ability to obtain Amazon treasures and unlock Amazon kingdom milestones. Through these, the queen of the Amazons can rank up her units, complete royal decrees instantly, and gain an upper hand in diplomatic deals.

As for her “fierce warrior-queen sister”, Penthesilea, the hero can roam across the game’s world, taking new settlements she encounters with the help of a horde army. Each she conquers grants her some “unique war spoils”, which Penthesilea can use to bolster her campaign.

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The pack also features new Epic Mission chains, buildings, events, faction mechanics (‘Amazon Kingdom’, ‘Blood Oath’, and ‘Rites of Initiation’), “all-new unit rosters consisting of all-female warriors and a lot of cavalry units”, and more.

The Total War Saga: Troy Amazons DLC pack hits the Epic Games Store on September 24, but if you go grab it any time before October 8, you’ll be able to keep it for the low, low price of nothing. The only thing you’ll need to do to pick it up for free is have signed up to Total War Access and linked it with your Epic Store account. You can also buy it separately on the Epic Store.