The rivers will run red with blood in Total War Saga: Troy’s upcoming Blood Pack

Yes, it's that time again.

You know the drill by now: Creative Assembly is gearing up to release the tried-and-true ‘Blood Pack’ for its newest Total War title, A Total War Saga: Troy. This is the add-on that enables blood, gore, and other tasteful elements to the game and is essentially a cosmetic pack.

This follows a recent content update that added a new deity, Artemis, a photo mode, as well as a new epic agent known as Orion. You can read our Total War Saga: Troy review for more information as to what we thought about this new strategy game.

The blood packs have proven a controversial concept ever since their inception with Shogun 2: Total War. It’s been a regular staple of post-launch content for Total War titles ever since, and no-one ever seems happy about it. This latest effects add-on will release this Thursday, October 29, and will cost the customary token amount. It may also raise the age-rating of the game in your territory, if that’s something of specific concern to you.

As a reminder, this game is only available to purchase via the Epic Games Store, as the Steam release isn’t due until late 2021. If you’re still reading this, then you might as well glance at this summary of what a Troy-specific blood pack looks like:

Campaign effects

  • Blood-drenched event movies and pictures
  • Campaign map rivers run red with the blood of warriors slain in any massive battles nearby
  • Erect a Tropaion, a bloodied battle monument visible on the campaign map after a large battle with many casualties
  • Blood effects and decapitation for battle resolution combat animations

Battle effects

  • Blood trails from chariots
  • Blood splatter on the ground
  • Blood sprays on weapon impacts, staining armour, chariots, horses, and more
  • Decapitation on selected death animations
  • Dismemberment on selected death animations
  • Rivers of blood when battles are fought within them

10/10 would blood again.