Total War: Troy is getting a photo mode this week

The god Artemis is the latest addition to pantheon in the next update

A photo mode is being added to A Total War Saga: Troy this week, so you can start capturing proof of your most epic battles. The mode is coming as part of a free content update for the strategy game.

Detailed on the official blog, photography will have a range of options and features so you can stretch your skills. If a piece of scenery or landscape catches your eye, you can turn off the heroes and armies, fiddle with the weather, and change the time of day to get that ideal postcard view. Some typical options like field-of-view and depth of field let you adjust the lens to your specification, and some filters and frames provide the finishing touches for your wartime imagery.

Along with giving you some fancy camera tech, the next update has a new god, too – Artemis, the goddess of the hunt. Representing wilderness and the moon, she’s the twin sister to Apollo, who represents the sun, and she brings the usual range of godly additions like a new temple, new light archer unit, and new special missions you can do to earn her favour. Her hunting companion Orion is a new epic agent, too, a giant that can reveal the location of enemy heroes, and injure other epic heroes.

Modders have been quick to make an unofficial camera mode for the war game, even without mod support. Thankfully mod support will be arriving alongside all of the aforementioned.

This A Total War Saga: Troy content will roll-out completely free on October 22.