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Total War fans carry the torch with fan-made Three Kingdoms patch

An unofficial fan patch has been released that tries to fix a bunch of oustanding issues with the historical strategy game

Historical Total War fans received a bit of a blow earlier this year when Creative Assembly announced it would no longer be supporting Total War: Three Kingdoms. Sure, we’re getting some kind of successor, but overall fans were not happy.

With support pretty much shut down for the strategy game, a group of modders have taken it upon themselves to try to inject some TLC into Three Kingdoms by making an unofficial fan patch and releasing it as a mod. “This mod made by all the community fixed 66 bugs that CA will never fix,” the description reads, with the Steam Workshop entry listing six names as authors.

Fixes vary from characters that should be dead still able to spawn in campaigns, especially in later start dates, to errors in terrain effects that were introduced in the 1.7 patch. There are also plenty of fixes to specific leaders and factions, and this mod also incorporates contents from another mod (with permission) that makes use of unused assets created by Creative Assembly for the Total War game.

If you want to see the full list of changes, head to the official mod page for this fan patch. The author notes that if you use the popular TROM overhaul mod, you won’t need this mod as well since the changes have already been incorporated by the TROM team.

We reached out to Creative Assembly for comment to see if any of the issues listed in this fan patch would ever get addressed officially by the development team. A Sega spokesperson told us the studio had nothing further to say apart from what it said in the original video that announced the news regarding Three Kingdoms.

You can watch that again here:

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Of note is the pinned comment from Creative Assembly, categorically stating that “no more DLC or patches” are planned for the existing Three Kingdoms game. Whatever the new game is the studio is working on, it won’t connect to the first one either.