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Total War: Three Kingdoms has sold a million copies in its first week

Total War: Three Kingdoms

May 29, 2019 Total War: Three Kingdoms has just hit a big milestone in its first week.

Total War: Three Kingdoms has sold over a million copies in just the one week since its launch, making it the fastest-selling title in the famed strategy series. This follows news earlier this week that the game reached a peak concurrent player count of 191,816 – a record for the series, and the biggest of any new Steam game so far this year.

While we don’t have reliable Steam sales numbers, Sekiro’s player count peaked at 124,334 according to Steam Charts, which puts it in place as the second-biggest launch of 2019. Other big titles like Resident Evil 2 and Devil May Cry 5 pulled in peaks of around 74k and 88k, respectively.

Rob Bartholomew, Chief Product Officer, has said of its success “we knew we had something special with Three Kingdoms but the response from players, old and new, has exceeded all expectations”. He added “we’re seeing a lot of ‘best Total War ever’ comments out there. We’re very proud”.

As of now, Three Kingdoms still sits comfortably within Steam’s top five, ahead of perennial favourites like Rainbow Six Siege, GTA5 and Warframe, but just behind the nearly-untouchable top three of Dota 2, PUBG, and CS:GO. Not bad, especially as the rest of the top ten has been shaken up with the free games in the Steam Spring Cleaning event.

This also puts Three Kingdoms above the rest of the series. Rome II was the leading Total War game by this metric, with an all-time peak of 118,240, and Total War: Warhammer is now a close third with 111,909. Even Total War: Warhammer II ‘only’ managed an all-time peak of 72,112.

There may have been some anxiety within Creative Assembly about Three Kingdoms. It’s a brand-new setting for the series, and one unfamiliar to its established Western fanbase, some of whom weren’t thrilled by the way in which it blends history with the quasi-fantastical embellishments of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel.

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Nevertheless, CA said in a blog post earlier this week that Three Kingdoms is “currently the most pre-ordered Total War game ever,” so it’s nice to see those pre-orders translate into numbers and the gamble pay off.

That blog post adds CA’s thanks to “our fans across the world, in particular in China”. It may well be that heightened interest in this booming market, eager to play one of its most influential national stories, is compensating for a possible lack of same in the West – but now we’re speculating.

In our review, Phil felt that the battle layer had slightly suffered for Three Kingdoms’ focus on the campaign, but personally I’ve always preferred the latter, so I’m having a ton of fun. If you’d like to get in on that fun, here’s the Steam page. Three Kingdoms will set you back $59.99 (£44.99).