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Total War: Warhammer 2 will soon give Old World Lords immortality

total war warhammer 2 reprisal update

Not long ago, Creative Assembly implemented a series of changes to the original Total War: Warhammer intended to make the game’s original races more viable against the creeping power of the DLC factions. The Foundation Update addressed these issues, and it seems some similar changes are coming to the sequel’s continent-spanning Mortal Empires campaign.

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The Reprisal Update will see new skill trees and campaign effects added for Legendary Lords from the Old World, an overhaul to the Empire’s starting position, followers for the Wood Elves, and more fundamental design changes for the Warriors of Chaos. These were all originally made in the first game’s Foundation Update.

In addition to those changes, new to this update will be five new skills in the tree for Helman Ghorst, as well as an immortality skill added to all the Old World characters. There are also a handful of smaller bug fixes in the patch.

The Reprisal Update is currently in beta, and you can get in by simply switching to mortal_empires_pte through the betas tab in the game’s Steam properties. For full details on all the new skills and such, you can check out the official patch notes.