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Robbers grab an unnamed number of collector’s editions for Total War: Warhammer 2

total war warhammer 2 collectors edition robbery

You might be eager to get your hands on Total War: Warhammer 2, but I hope you’re not ‘rob a delivery van’ eager. But somebody this week decided they just couldn’t wait any longer, and did exactly that.

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As Eurogamer report, the van, which carried an unspecified number of Total War: Warhammer 2 collector’s editions, was robbed in Milton Keynes earlier this week. The Serpent God Edition, which retails for $149.00 / £99.99 / €119.99, features all sorts of goodies from a ‘lizard skin’ package to a rather nifty looking puzzle box.

Creative Assembly assure us that this will have no effect on players who’ve already put money down on the game. It seems they’re still taking Serpent God Edition pre-orders online so there’s likely plenty of stock to go around, even if the edition is limited to 7000 units. (It is pretty pricey, after all.)

The thieves are in for a surprise if they actually try to play the game, because it won’t be activating until launch day on September 28. Until then, they’ll be stuck playing with faux bone totems and trying to solve that puzzle box, which presumably they’ll be doing in the sewers like some angry human-hating Skaven.