Historic Total War is “still the core” of Creative Assembly, despite Total War: Warhammer

Total War Warhammer

Creative Assembly have officially announced that their next game will focus on armies with green skins and very pointy teeth, but those who turn their noses up at fantasy need not worry that Total War: Warhammer is the sign of a new direction for the studio. Creative Assembly are adamant that classic historical battles are the core of their business, and that it will remain that way for years to come. 

Talking to PC Gamer, Creative Assembly’s creative director Mike Simpson said: “We’re absolutely going to make historic war games. That’s still the core of what we do. The only reason we haven’t done a fantasy game earlier is because we couldn’t do it earlier without slowing down or impacting in some way on the historic stuff.”

Creative Assembly first approached Warhammer gods Games Workshop about using the license ten years ago, but the studio held off starting the project until they had a team big enough to split in two. Now the studio has two strategy teams working in parallel: one on Warhammer, and one on a new historic themed game.

What that other historic game is remains a mystery though. “We do have a list which has pretty much everything that everyone could imagine from a historic point of view on it. Eventually we will get to everything on the list, we just argue about the order in which we’re going to do things. Until we actually announce what we’re doing next then you won’t find out what it is. Hopefully!” said Simpson.