Total War: Warhammer and more get deep discounts in Humble Store’s Games Workshop sale

humble store games workshop sale

Games Workshop opened the floodgates for its videogame licenses not so long ago, and now there’s a Total War: Warhammer, a Vermintide, and a Blood Bowl on every corner. How can you be expected to keep up? Well, it’s your lucky weekend, because a whole host of ork-flavored games are on sale via the Humble Store.

One of the biggest titles is Total War: Warhammer, which is 50% off during the sale, making this a perfect opportunity to complete your Total Warhammer collection and get that sweet new combined campaign map. You can also get half off on Dawn of War 3 and Blood Bowl 2.

Vermintide is getting an even steeper discount of 75%, perfect for equipping yourself and some friends for Left 4 Dead-style combat ahead of the sequel’s release. Mordheim is similarly seeing three quarters of its price knocked off.

There’s plenty more to be found at the store page. Everything comes in convenient Steam key form, so you’ll have those titles in the library you probably already make the most use of.

The sale will continue until Monday, so you’ve got all weekend to dive into the never-ending battle between orks and humans.