Total War: Warhammer gets Giant Slayers in May

Vermintide 2 Slayer leap

The Dwarfs will get a new unit in Total War: Warhammer in late May, alongside the next big patch for the sequel.

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Developers Creative Assembly announced the news last night. Meet Giant Slayers:

In the tabletop game, Giant Slayers were an upgraded version of regular Slayers. Either variety could choose to wield hand axes or greataxes, but in the videogame, it looks like only Giant Slayers will get that privilege. As Great Axe infantry, they’re probably armour-piercing, and as Slayers, they should be anti-large, so here’s your solution for the game’s biggest, toughest nuts to crack.

May’s patch is due to add the Norsca faction to the Mortal Empires campaign, which combines the maps of both games. We’ve heard it will also coincide with the next DLC for Total War: Warhammer II, and yet it’s nice to see that the original game’s factions are still getting love. As the tweet says, there is more to come for the Dwarfs – Daemon or Dragon Slayers? Thorek Ironbrow? Josef Bugman? There’s plenty more from the tabletop that’s still missing.