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Total War: Warhammer trailer pits Dwarves against Goblins underground

Total War Warhammer dwarfs announced

The Warhammer Total War game has a new trailer out and it features Dwarves, Goblins, giant spiders and a big tunnel for them all to fight it out in. It’s the same scenario shown to our freelance hero Jake, which you can read about in his Total War: Warhammer preview. For a more in-motion look, here’s the trailer.

This is an alternate take on the Dwarven Kingtrailer that debuted Thorgrim Grudgebearer a couple of weeks ago. It’s a bit less cinematic than that version with a lot more killing. More Warhammer, more Total War. Plenty of those oversized arachnids Jake found so unappealing too.

I really can’t wait to get some hands-on time with this. Total War’s massive appeal – which it has sometimes failed to meet – aside there’s so much potential for fun and incredible scenes in Warhammer I’m just willing for it to be good. With the potential for more races, missions and storylines via DLC, it could expand almost endlessly. We can only hope, and it’s where signs are pointing at the moment, that the base is solid enough to support it.

Dwarves are one of the four playable races that have so far been announced, joining Orks, Elves and the Empire in hitting our hard drives some time in 2016.