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Creative Assembly divulge secrets of Rome 2 in campaign map-focused video; “Everyone likes bread”


Total War: Rome 2 is out now; here’s our Total War: Rome 2 review.

Rome 2’s campaign map. The holistic heart of the game. Witness to the rise and fall of every empire on Earth. The subject of this Creative Assembly-made ‘Let’s Play’ video.

But before we get to that: four and a half minutes spent watching the rise and fall of a legionnaire’s chest on the game’s main menu. Phwoar.

The menu is nice, as menus go, and offers a brief look at the specific military, economic and cultural victory conditions each sub-faction boasts. The map finally shows at 5:30, resplendent in its ambient beauty:

Best are the waves crashing against Carthage; the mist drifting through the Alps. For me, Total War has always been about the ten-turn fugue states induced while I’m fiddling with my city states.

For more on the “dinky animated mat”, see our Tim’s Total War: Rome 2 campaign map preview. What do you make of it? Are its mountains pointier or duller than Japan’s?

Oh, and here’s another Rome 2 secret: “You can’t kill people without money”. They don’t call campaign designer Dom Starr ‘the new Sun Tzu’ for nothing, y’know.