New Rome II screenshots tease Battle of Teutoburg Forest, Creative Assembly show off soundtrack


Assembly have teased wannabe Caesars and Claudians with more
screenshots from Total War: Rome II, this time depicting the Battle of
Teutoburg Forest, and also given them a chance to hear the work of
series composer Richard Beddow.

images and the soaring soundtrack were revealed in the latest episode
of Rally Point, part of Creative Assembly’s YouTube channel. Click
through to have a watch (and listen).

Not bad, eh? The Battle of
Teutoburg Forest took place in the year 9CE and saw the Roman’s comprehensively defeated by an alliance of Germanic tribes. It was a significant turning point in the Roman campaign in Germany.

Here’s the full episode of Rally Point, which can give you a great deal more detail and some suitable music for you to close your eyes and pretend to be a Roman to:

Battles are going to be a very, very big thing in the game, and Creative Assembly have already shown off Rome II’s new tactical map and multi-objective sieges. Like the Romans themselves, they don’t do things by halves.