Total Figure Skating: Olympic skaters add Total War to their routine at Sochi

Shogun II soundtrack used in Winter Olympics

It’s not often than the worlds of figure skating and gaming intersect, but during the Japanese performance from Chris and Cathy Reed at the Winter Olympics, their chosen piece of music could have conjured up images of conquering Japan in Total War: Shogun II, of all things.

The pair spun around the ice to the sound of war drums and stirring battle music, composed by Jeff Van Dyck for Shogun II, which complimented their routine surprisingly well. The Reeds won first place at nationals, no doubt spurred on by thoughts of conquest, but placed last at the Winter Olympics at Sochi.

Van Dyck composed the music for all of the Total War games up until Empire, but was brought back for Shogun II. The soundtrack from Total War: Rome remains one of my favourites, and I can’t help but think that would have driven the skaters to victory at the Olympics.

Shogun II is still an excellent choice, regardless. It’s hard not to imagine a horde of samurai and cavalry charging across the ice, rushing to clash with their foe. Bugger, I’m all riled up now. I’d better reinstall Shogun II.