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Towerborne release date estimate, trailers, gameplay, and latest news

If you're excited for the upcoming action-adventure game, here's everything you can expect from Towerborne from trailers to a release date window and more.

Towerborne release date estimate - two characters standing with weapons ready

When is the Towerborne release date? For those that love The Banner Saga, Stoic’s previous game, you’re probably eagerly awaiting the upcoming action-adventure game Towerborne.

Primarily an action RPG game, Stoic’s latest also plays like a platform game. Towerborne takes place in the City of Numbers, where monsters lurk outside of the safety of The Belfry. You take on the role of Ace, born from the spirit realm with special skills capable of taking on the looming threat beyond the tower. Sounds fun, right? Here’s when you can expect to play and everything we know about the gameplay.

Towerborne release date estimate

The Towerborne release date is set for 2024 as confirmed in the game’s announcement trailer. Though we don’t have a specific release date, we’ll hopefully get some hands-on time soon.

It has also been confirmed that Towerborne Game Pass is a go, so for subscribers, you can expect to jump in on day one, whenever that might be.

Towerborne is an Xbox exclusive and will be available on Windows PC and Xbox Series X/S. We’ll be sure to update this guide with any dates of playtests or early access including sign-up information as and when we know.

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Towerborne trailers

In the Towerborne announcement trailer, residents are shown seeking safety in The Belfry, and the four characters set out to explore the world surrounding the tower. We can see various enemies, including a frog-like creature, a wolf, and some evil-looking mushrooms. As the map zooms out, we can see a grid-like system, so perhaps we’ll be able to conquer and neutralize areas, making them safe for citizens to leave the tower.

Towerborne gameplay

You’ll be able to customize your look in Towerborne and create an Ace that fits your playstyle by changing up gear, and weapons, and mastering special skills. Stoic has already revealed the weapon types: War Clubs, Gauntlets, Dual Daggers, and Swords and Shields, so you and your team can create builds and setups that best fit how each party member plays. You can also switch danger levels depending on how challenging you find the gameplay, too.

Seasonal content is also coming to Towerborne, with Stoic saying, “Seasons of Towerborne continue the story of The Belfry by introducing new enemies to battle, regions to discover, abilities to master, and lore to uncover (available as released).”

Is Towerborne multiplayer?

Yes, Towerborne is available for online co-op with up to three friends or you can play solo and recruit companions to help you battle enemies and keep you company on your journey in the world surrounding The Belfry.

That’s all we have for Towerborne’s release date, gameplay, and trailers. We’ll be sure to keep this updated with all the latest news, but in the meantime, check out the best action games on PC.