Travellers Rest is Stardew Valley for innkeepers, and it could get multiplayer

"It would be great to work in your tavern with friends, wouldn't it?"

If you’re into chill games, you might have heard of Travellers Rest. Launched on Steam Early Access last year, it’s all about restoring a dilapidated inn into a thriving tavern, tending a farm, exploring a pixel art world, and making pals. So, like Stardew Valley, but with a cool, inn-keeping spin. The game’s now been handed over to a new developer to look after, and the studio’s plans for Travellers Rest’s future include multiplayer.

Barcelona-based indie studio Isolated Games has announced that Travellers Rest’s original – and only – developer and artist, Louqou, has decided to pass development of the game into its hands. The reason for this is the dev has “realised that being a solo developer will not allow him to develop the game at a pace and quality you all deserve”. This change, the studio explains, has allowed it to “redefine the scope of the game, such as including plans for new animations, art style, [and] character models”.

Plus, as the post adds, this might even mean a frequently asked-for element could hit the game at some point: “even maybe the highly requested feature – multiplayer in the future!” Further down the post, the dev lists this as a planned feature under a “what will come” section, musing: “It would be great to work in your tavern with friends, wouldn’t it?” So, while it’s not quite a solid confirmation at this point, Travellers Rest multiplayer is definitely on the cards.

In the post, the studio additionally outlines some other plans for the indie game it’s cooking up. These include improvements to its “artistic style”, with re-drawn assets and greater detail, as well as a “new balanced crafting and farming system”, which includes new ways to harvest resources, such as through fishing, tree chopping, and mining.

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The studio also plans to fold in a new construction system, allowing you to expand your tavern, and a bigger world to explore full of folks to meet.

If you’re keen to find out more about the game – and check out its latest patch notes – you can find the dev post here. The game is currently discounted by 20% on Steam (as of writing) so now might be a good time to grab it if it sounds like your cup of, er, ale.