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Stardew Valley style innkeeper sim Travellers Rest gets big update

Tavern management game and farming simulator Travellers Rest adds more crops, recipes, and areas in a new update, Recipes and Farming.

Traveller's Rest update Recipes and Farming - A blonde woman with braided pigtails holds a tray filled with mugs of beer.

Stardew Valley style innkeeping and tavern management sim Travellers Rest just got a big upgrade in its latest patch. The Travellers Rest Recipes and Farming update, released as part of patch 0.6.3 for the farming game currently in Steam Early Access, introduces two new areas, dozens of crops, and over 100 recipes to explore. The hefty update also overhauls the game’s crop system and introduces weather phenomena such as thunderstorms and snow.

Travellers Rest puts a brewing-based spin on the best farming games such as Stardew Valley, Harvest Moon, and Rune Factory, placing you in charge of turning a run-down tavern into a bustling hub of activity for the local town. You’re more than just a bartender however – you’ll have to handle all aspects of the process, from farming crops to brewing and cooking, along with building out your home and tavern into the perfect rest stop.

Developer Isolated Games’ latest update, Recipes and Farming, introduces a wealth of new crops, recipes, and features. There are 32 new crops to grow, and the game’s farming systems have been overhauled. You’ll now need to grow crops during specific seasons, and keep them regularly watered. Fruit trees, meanwhile, don’t require manual watering and won’t die off, but will only bear fruit during certain seasons.

100 new recipes have been added, which can be obtained from the town’s mysterious northern temple by exchanging recipe fragments. You’ll earn these as your reputation improves, allowing you to create all manner of exciting new drinks and dishes. There are also two new crafting tools to help you out: a preserves table and a press.

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There are two new areas to explore, both of which can be found to the north of your tavern. Weather phenomena have been introduced, meaning you’ll now see different types of weather crop up, which will also have effects on your crops and animals, such as rainfall automatically watering your crops for you. Seasons will affect the chance of rain, thunderstorms, snow, wind, and so on. Finally, the game will now autosave when you sleep, meaning you won’t need to remember to manually do so.

Travellers Rest update 0.6.3, Recipes and Farming, is out now. You can get the game via Steam Early Access – expect to pay £12.79 until Sunday, January 21, when developer Isolated Games is planning to “slightly increase” the game’s base price. “Over the course of early access, the game has leaped forwards in quality and content,” it explains, “which has meant more new team members and, therefore, more production costs.”

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