Stick a cat on a unicorn in Trials Fusion Awesome Level Max this month

Trials Fusion Awesome Level Max

Trials Fusion is a game that tasks you with navigating an obstacle course on a bike. But what if there was no bike? What if there was a unicorn instead? And rather than make a human ride this majestic fantasy animal, why not chuck a cat on it?

Trials Fusion Awesome Level Max is the result. 

Awesome Level Max is a free DLC pack for existing owners, and newcomers can pick up the Awesome Max Edition, which includes the DLC.

On top of the cat riding a unicorn, the DLC adds 30 new tracks, 10 supercross tracks, 30 new challenges, 5 new garage items and 130 new Editor objects. Who cares? There’s a cat riding a unicorn.

You’ll be able to navigate the intrepid duo through obstacle-laden tracks on July 14th.