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Tripwire announces Killing Floor 2 and a new system developed just for gore

Killing Floor 2

Since 2009, Tripwire has supported the hell out of Killing Floor. Countless guns, nasty mutants and new maps have been heaped on the game since it went from a mod to a proper retail title, and it looked like it would never end. 

It will, though, but only because Tripwire is now making Killing Floor 2. 

Killing Floor’s genetically faffed with monstrosities, zeds, has 95 death animations, Tripwire creative director Bill Munk tells PCGamer. The animations are divided into kill zones like the neck or the chest. 3000 motion capture clips have gone into making fight and die in just the right way.

It’s got its own gore system. A whole system, dedicated to blood and viscera and flailing, detached limbs. MEAT is its name, Massive Evisceration and Trauma. Lovely.

Guns and gore appears to be the credo. Blood sticks around maps, never fading away, zeds fall apart when hacked and blown up, and the already realistic weapons of the original Killing Floor are benefiting from higher visual fidelity and better quality animations.

Tripwire started off as a group of modders, and that’s something the studio says it cares about. It will have Steam Workshop support and Tripwire wants to get the SDK into the hands of hungry modders, who’ll be able to create new content and fiddle around with the systems.

Since Tripwire wants to get the game to people as quickly as possible, expect an early access version to materialise.

Cheers, PCGamer.