Watch the hardest Guitar Hero song being aced in Trombone Champ

What may just be the hardest Guitar Hero song has been absolutely demolished in comedy rhythm game Trombone Champ, and it's a must watch

What’s the hardest Guitar Hero song? And what if it was completely unironically destroyed in rhythm game Trombone Champ? Well, you’d then have the below video that showcases some seriously impressive dedication and skill, and is as simultaneously outlandish as it is mystifying.

To paint the full picture, DerpyChap mapped Dragonforce’s Through the Fire and Flames onto the recently viral Trombone Champ, a comedy rhythm game where you need to move a cursor to match the notes of songs, with the trombone sounding about as goofy as humanly possible while you do it.

After this, a YouTuber that goes by the name Sailent uploaded a seven-and-a-half minute masterpiece of them absolutely acing the Trombone Champ version of the song, and it’s honestly really difficult to tell if it’s any easier than the hardest Guitar Hero song, actually.

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I highly encourage you to watch the end as well, as it gets absolutely absurd with how fast and accurate Sailent has to be, and the tone of the trombone is just the icing on top. As noted by original creator DerpyChamp as well, “Somehow Sailent has managed to get an S rank on this song and has truly put my Trombone Champ skills to shame”. Salient earned over 11,000,000 points during the track, and managed to get to best ranking S, from their effort.

The potential hardest Guitar Hero song was turned into a Trombone Champ track through modding tools that can be found on the game’s Discord, with the community coming together to keep porting songs over to the musical game.

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