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In Tropico 6 you can order commandos to steal the Statue of Liberty

Tropico 6 Statue of Liberty

What is left, after five games, for El Presidente to do? Tropico 6 answers that question rather emphatically: steal the Statue of Liberty. Johannes Pfeifer, narrative and cinematic designer, explained this new system of raids to us in a presentation at E3.

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“This is one of my favourites, the raids,” he explains while showing it off. “Each era grants you a unique building and you can work towards the commando garrison. Raids are rather bold actions that you can perform. They are in a gray area but El Presidente would say it’s totally legitimate for him to do [them].”

You’ll pick from a range of heists, accumulate the requisite number of raid points, and your agents will wander off to the beach and be picked up by a spy plane. “Now [they’re] heading out in a plane, to America, to steal the State of Liberty. In the final game there will be 17 unique landmarks you can heist, each having its own special gameplay benefit.”

Each of those will require some resources to steal – in this case a little bit of oil, though alternatively you can just pay for it or wait some extra time. Provide it to your people on the ground and they’re ready to nick it. Once they get it back it can be quite a game-changer, providing multiple boons.

What else can your agents do? “You’re going for some sabotage, espionage, you can even manipulate the international stock market at some point later.” It’s a shopping spree of mild terrorism – just what the tropical island dictatorship ordered.