Guess how many games G2A have sold in North Korea

G2A North Korea

Talking to PCGamesN at Gamescom 2017, G2A’s head of public relations Maciej Kuc told us about the digital marketplace company’s strangest sales. 

What’s better than cheap PC games? Free PC games, that’s what.

“Can you guess how many games have been sold from G2A in the North Korea territory this year?” Kuc asks. “Two. And I really wonder who bought them, and of course what games were bought. I cannot, unfortunately, check who, because probably it would be Kim, but I really wonder what kind of games, because I would really love if it was something like Tropico.

“And, unfortunately, no transactions in Antarctica this year. So maybe scientists don’t play games.”

G2A recently announced they were changing the way they operate, with an update to their terms of service making it mandatory for sellers to display an address so all buyers will be able to trace exactly who their purchase is from.