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TSM Myth reminds you to use Twitch Prime subs, while bathing in money

Don't forget to use those subs

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you’ve got free money to give away in support of your favourite Twitch streamers. Integration with Twitch Prime means you’ve got one free subscription to use every month, and you could use that gift to help financially support an up-and-coming streamer, a charity event like Summer Games Done Quick, or a major name who’s literally bathing in money.

Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani of Team SoloMid really wants you to use those free subs, because he really wants to keep his money-bathing lifestyle going. In a Twitter video (via Dexerto), Myth offers a bit of advice from his money-tub. “Just a daily reminder to make sure that you guys are using your Twitch Prime sub” – here he sneezes into a fan of $100 bills – “on a streamer. You get one free sub every month, so please, please, please make sure you’re using your Twitch Prime sub. Thank you.”

Now, let’s talk logistics. Myth’s got at least $1000 worth of bills in his hand, maybe more, and several hundred worth of 10s and 5s in the tub. If we figure a bit high and assume there’s $2000 in that bathtub, that means Myth would need $4000 of worth subs – generally split 50/50 with Twitch – for another money bath.

So for Myth to get another bath, he’d need 800 of the monthly subscriptions provided by Twitch Prime.

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Please, don’t let your favourite streamer go without basic necessities like exorbitant piles of wealth.