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Tune in to E3’s PC Gaming Show

PC Gaming Show

Okay! Last show of the night, which actually starts in the small hours of the morning in Blighty. It’s PC Gamers’ PC Gaming Show of Games and PCs (with AMD). It’s E3’s dedicated PC conference, with Dean Hall, Obsidian, Tripwire, Paradox and a long list of developers in attendance. It’s not clear if the developers who have already been in other conferences will be showing off anything new, but we’ll find out when it begins right now, because it’s started. 

Except it hasn’t really. You see, while the PC Gaming Show is scheduled to begin at 5pm PT, that’s just when the doors open to the press. Between then and 6pm PT, you might as well do something else, because the stream will just be PC trivia and music by Disasterpiece. For the UK lot, that means it properly begins at 2am. You can watch it below. 

Watch live video from PCGamer on www.twitch.tv

This will be the last big conference of E3, so I hope you’ve soaked in enough trailers. Interviews and hand-on previews await.