Doom Eternal meets Cyberpunk in stunning new FPS blowing up on Steam

Doom Eternal’s rapid-pace, weapon-juggling gunplay meets the neon-soaked visuals of Cyberpunk 2077, with a dash of Quake, in a new FPS going wild on Steam.

Turbo Overkill Steam: A robotic soldier with red eyes smokes a thick cigar

Doom Eternal is like the fastest, most blood-soaked puzzle game ever made, as you dash through the environment, hot-swap weapons to take out different demons, and juggle between your chainsaw and your super shotty. Cyberpunk 2077 is a lot more thoughtful, but its sharp-color, neon-drenched aesthetic lends itself perfectly to all kinds of wild action. So let’s say we smash these both together, then chuck in some other boomer shooter classics like Quake and Half-Life. And let’s say we call it this new FPS game Turbo Overkill, and launch it on Steam where it’s already picked up the coveted ‘overwhelmingly positive’ reviews.

Back in the ‘90s, when Doom, Quake, and Half-Life ruled the shooting world, there was a videogame criticism cliché, where we’d say ‘the visuals are so sharp you could cut your eyes on them.’ Turbo Overkill is a throwback to that age, a fast, frenetic, movement-driven FPS where the only thing bigger than the guns and the style are the kill combos.

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On the surface, this is a retro-inspired shooter perfect for nostalgia fiends, but the team at (aptly named) Trigger Happy is doing much more than just playing on your gaming memories. Turbo Overkill stands up alongside the best contemporary shooters, too, as slick, clever, and in-depth as the revamped Wolfenstein, Doom Eternal, and much-missed Titanfall 2.

As Johnny Turbo (hell yes) your job is to cleanse Cyber City (another hell yes) of a sinister AI called Syn. Motorcycle? Check. Sawn-off shotgun? Check. Two chainsaws instead of arms, and another chainsaw instead of your leg? Check, check, and check.

The soundtrack booms. The visuals dazzle. The blood flows like water. You’ve got a grapple hook, dual magnums, wall-running, customizable augments, and a section where you need to jump between the hoods of flying cars, Fifth Element style. If you want Turbo Overkill, the full version, 1.0, has just released on Steam.

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