Turtle Rock Studios’ new IP, Evolve, is a multiplayer alien hunting caper

Evolve is a multiplayer alien hunting game

Turtle Rock Studios, original creators of Left 4 Dead before being acquired by Valve, are in tease mode. Nipples are being tickled, sweet nothings are being whispered and Turtle Rock is very, very close to revealing more about its new IP, Evolve

Evolve was one of the projects picked up at auction when THQ, the original publisher, went under and it got snatched up by 2K Games for a not insignificant $10.8 million. Unfortunately, the proper reveal won’t be happening until February, in a Game Informer exclusive (boo), but we do know a few details, titbits, if you will. Morsels that likely will only exacerbate the teasing.  

Evolve’s going to be a 4-player co-op affair, so it’s not straying to far from Left 4 Dead in that respect. The 4-player squad will be pitted against an alien who, you’ve guessed it, evolves. What does evolve into? Well, that’s anyone’s guess. An affordable family car? A flock of rabid hummingbirds? That big gross alien thing from the David Duchovny film, Evolution? Feel free to continue this list of potential evolutions in the comments.