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Dontnod’s Twin Mirror is Life is Strange meets Fight Club

A new Twin Mirror gameplay trailer details what you'll do in Dontnod's latest

Dontnod Entertainment has detailed what to expect from its next game, Twin Mirror, in a new gameplay trailer at Paris Games Week. It’s a little bit Life is Strange, a little bit Alan Wake, and a little bit Fight Club – you’ll investigate crimes and other mysterious happenings in a strange town in the Pacific Northwest, all while a self-confident alter-ego pushes and prods you along through the story..

You’re Sam Hayes, returning to the town of Basswood for the funeral of a friend. Not unlike Dontnod’s recent titles, there’ll be a big focus on American social issues – specifically economic problems in the US rust belt. Hayes is guided by the Double, a Tyler Durden-esque figure who represents our protaganist’s otherwise lacking self-confidence and provides a visual representation of his inner voices – as well as a significant supply of sarcasm.

When it comes time to solve a mystery, Hayes can head into something called the mind palace – a place where he can visualise memories and piece together the truth of events. The scenario in the trailer sees him trying to piece together what happened in a hotel room the night before. If you run into an unsolvable block in the mind palace, you can hop back out to the real world to dig up new clues and piece together the truth of events.

You can see it all in action below.

Twin Mirror’s focus on memory reconstruction calls back as far as Dontnod’s debut title, Remember Me, and given the growth of the studio’s storytelling through Life is Strange and Vampyr, this is an upcoming PC game to watch for. Twin Mirror will be another episodic release, and the first episode is scheduled to launch some time next year.