Twitch Plays Pokemon manages to catch them all

Twitch Plays Pokemon

To celebrate the birth of the anarchy-fuelled Twitch Plays Pokemon, Twitch has been playing it again. The goal, this time, was to fill up the Pokedex in Pokemon Red – no small feat when its the masses choosing the inputs. 

But they’ve done it anyway. 

It took around 40 days, and a huge number of inputs, but the collective managed to catch all 151 Pokemon on the hacked version of Pokemon Red.

It’s the sort of heartwarming story that feels very appropriate for Pokemon. Anything is possible when thousands of slightly bored people band together to type up, down, a, b or just random spam into Twitch chat. It’s what Ash would do.

So what’s next? Well, it’s still going, and people are still playing, so I guess more Pokemon.

Cheers, Reddit.