Twitch is now playing the stock market… with $50k of someone’s cash

Stock Stream

Twitch Plays Pokemon and Twitch Plays Dark Souls are, like, so last year. It’s all about the stock market now, buying low and selling high is the order of the day. There are currently 2,000 Twitch viewers trading stocks as we speak, all using $50k of a stranger’s cash. 

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Stock Stream shows viewers a live feed of the RobinHood trading app, letting them see fluctuations in the market in real time so they can see when it’s time to sell.

Viewers can vote every five minutes on what to buy or sell, then Twitch pulls the trigger on the most popular option. It’s stock trading by committee and it’s fascinating. Will the hive mind make its creator money, or will they blow it all on stocks in Best Buy? Have a watch and find out:

With the trading being every five minutes, it means Twitch can’t just blow it all in one go, which is probably a savvy move on the creator’s part. You know what internet trolls are like. This way, there’s at least a chance the investor could end up with a healthy portfolio. If nothing else, it’s an interesting experiment.

While I was watching just now, 49 people voted to sell a stock that they didn’t even have, mind. At least that $50k fund can be topped up with donations.