Twitch Turbo tier strips ads from streams for those willing to pay


Streaming service Twitch have announced a new tier aimed at regular viewers who are getting tired of ads interrupting their stream. Previously streams were broken up by ads, the revenue of which funded both Twitch and the broadcasters, this new subscription will subsidise the ad revenue meaning that broadcasters will receive funds from their viewers instead of Twitch’s sponsors.

Twitch Turbo is already live for anyone tempted to sign up.

As well as removing ads Twitch say that Turbo members will receive these enticing extras: a custom emoticon set (ooh), a badge (wow), andextended chat colours (I can barely contain my excitement).

Ok, so it doesn’t seem like the extras are really worth the price of entry but the tier itself is a pretty grand idea. If you find yourself watching a lot of the output on Twitch (and with all their new broadcasters there’s a lot to watch on there) then paying a little each month to avoid repeating ads and distracting banners may be just your cup of tea.

You can read more about Twitch Turbo over yonder

Cheers, Gamespot.