May 26 is Twitch Unity day – a celebration of diversity and inclusivity

Twitch Unity

Twitch are launching a campaign to promote diversity and friendliness in their community of video streamers and viewers. They want you to know that, no matter what race or gender you identify as, you’re welcome. 

Just like the people who play them, our list of upcoming PC games is a diverse lot. 

From its 10 million daily active users to its 2.2 million unique broadcasters, Twitch is a massive, sprawling service, and it houses just about every type of human you could imagine. It makes sense that they’d want to make everyone feel like they belonged.

That’s why on May 26, Twitch are asking their streamers to engage with viewers about inclusivity. The Amazon-owned company will also highlight channels that have developed a positive culture and friendly community.

“The commitment that many of our creators have made to inclusivity and diversity is what makes the Twitch community special. We recognise and value this characteristic so much that ‘Welcome everyone’ is written in our brand values,” said Anna Prosser Robinson, lead producer for Twitch Studios. “The goal of Twitch Unity is to inspire discussion, positive action, and cultural growth in our community in order to affirm and continue to cultivate a diverse and inclusive experience.”

There will be charity drives, custom emotes, and more for the celebration. Streamers are also encouraged to download special graphics for the occasion. You can tune in and see it all for yourself on May 26.