Twitch is “actively looking into” accounts linked to “sexual harassment and misconduct” allegations

Twitch also says it "will work with law enforcement where applicable"

Streaming platform Twitch says it’s “actively looking into” some accounts affiliated with it following a series of allegations regarding “sexual harassment and misconduct” that have been made by individuals within the industry over the past few days.

In a statement posted June 22, the company stated: “We take accusations of sexual harassment and misconduct extremely seriously. We are actively looking into the accounts concerning streamers affiliated with Twitch and will work with law enforcement where applicable.

“We’re thankful for the bravery shown by those who have come forward to speak about their experiences,” it continues, “and we are committed to working to make the streaming community safer for everyone.” A number of individuals in the industry have shared their stories in a series of online posts over the past few days, which include allegations of sexual misconduct, harassment, and assault regarding some high-profile streamers and members of the game industry.

In a similar vein, following these allegations, Destiny 2 developer Bungie has posted a tweet to remind players of its code of conduct and “commitment to enforce these standards on every platform and channel we control”.

Bungie community manager David ‘DeeJ’ Dague has similarly tweeted, “In leading the Bungie Community Team, I have always insisted that we work with partners who can help us foster an environment where players can be excellent to each other.

“We insist upon that! Fall short of that ideal, and you will find yourself removed from our guest list.”