Two million accounts have led to an abundance of gibs in Loadout

2 million accounts in 2 weeks for Loadout

In Loadout, death is always just over you shoulder, waiting to make you explode into glorious gibs with a tesla rocket or an explosive shotgun blast. Developer Edge of Reality says that the F2P multiplayer shooter boasted over 2 million registered accounts after only 14 days; no surprise here if you read our Loadout review.

That’s probably led to more than a few deaths and the creation of a lot colourful guns throughout the 9 million hours that players have collectively clocked into it. 

“The near-overnight success of Loadout has been simultaneously humbling and exhilarating,” said Rob Cohen, CEO of Edge of Reality. “Our community means everything to us, and we can’t thank them enough for helping to make Loadout what it is today.”

Edge of Reality struggled a little bit at launch, as the servers were battered by an onslaught of users. It took the developer by surprise. “Very few Steam titles have reached the peak concurrent users we achieved upon release,” Cohen said. “We’re committed to delivering an excellent game to our community, and we continue to work hard to ensure that our servers provide all our players with the same fluid, responsive, and enjoyable experience across the board.”

To make up for a few launch hiccupts, Edge of Reality gave players a special skin for free. Cosmetic items are one of the few things the game normally charges for.

Tim was a fan when it launched last month, saying “Loadout is throwaway, silly entertainment. It gets you into a game, raises a smile, and spits you back out again. It’s scrappy, with a few rough edges in the level design and art. But it’s endearingly dumb, and I really think you should, at least, have a try.”

Cheers, Joystiq.