Watch us play the first hour of Tyranny, the RPG for bad people

Tyranny Let's Play

Join Phil and Joel for approximately 60 minutes of Tyranny, the dark side RPG from Obsidian. It’s a mean-spirited romp through the Pillars of Eternity engine in which you play a lieutenant of Basically Sauron. Wander around with your new fantasy mates, make choices that affect the fate of a conquered people, and fight in semi turn-based fights to the death (or unconsciousness, depending on which difficulty options you have ticked).

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Reckon we can’t make any important decisions and pay for them in the space of an hour? Think again.

Of particular interest in Tyranny’s opening is Conquest Mode – a board game-esque screen on which you determine your backstory, picking where and in what fashion you served Kyros the Overlord before he claimed dominion over the entire world.

After playing with that, we find that people keep bringing up the past of our powerful black lady named Philip, and that it determines our dialogue choices. Despite everything, however, we find a way to be sort of a good person. For a short while at least.

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