“The fate of a people does not always rest with a hero” in Tyranny’s new launch trailer


Tyranny, the isometric RPG with a twist by noted role-playing studio Obsidian, has just released. If you’ve heard the buzz but aren’t sure what the game entails, its new launch trailer is the place to catch up on the premise.

Curious about Tyranny, but need to see a review before committing your money? Here is ours, for your consideration.

In a sentence: an evil being of great power has conquered the world, and you’re one of her lieutenants.

Your title is Fatebinder, and you roam the lands, interpreting and enforcing your mistress Kyros’s will. There’s plenty left up to you with respect to how you do this – you can be as cruel as your boss or decide she’s better off ruling through kindness – but if you’re thinking you can be a hero when you serve a villain, you’re likely to be disappointed.

The trailer previews a few of the gameplay systems, including spellcrafting, branching dialogue and faction loyalty choices, might- or magic-based combat and more.

Obsidian have plenty of pedigree in the RPG genre, with recent hits including Pillars of Eternity and South Park: The Stick of Truth. Tyranny’s traditional isometric perspective belies its contrarian premise, however: though you take quests and solve problems as in traditional RPGs, you’re working for the bad guy this time.

Tyranny just launched, and, as is often the case after such events, is available to buy on Steam right now. It’ll cost you £34.99 UK or $44.99 US, and is so far rated 94% positive by the community. Fans of Obsidian might also like to know that they did an AMA session on Reddit to celebrate Tyranny’s release, which you can read here.