Tyranny’s player bases are ancient magical skyscrapers all over the land called Spires

Tyranny spire guide

Even the big bad needs a place to call home. Tyranny’s world is huge and the protagonist, which is basically guaranteed to be evil-you, gets their own corners of it. These are called Spires, humongous structures that dot the landscape, are taller than the clouds and are used by the less extreme populous of the world for navigation. For Fatebinders, the lawkeepers of evil overlord Kyros, they’re also bases – resting locations with upgradable rooms and facilities that let you power up. All this was explained in an hour-long stream from Paradox last night.

Everything you want to know about being evil in Tyranny.

Here’s Brian Heins, game director, and Nick Carver, systems designer, breaking it all down on Twitch yesterday:

There’s also an attached dev diary, if you prefer words. Perhaps most notable is that Spires give you access to a fast travel system across the world. They allow you to teleport between them, so it should give easy access to wherever you want to be in the late-game. Each will only be activated as you come to it in the story, however, so no sequence breaks to be had here.

Beyond the teleporting options, there’s four upgrades that you can select from, spending gold on building and then maintaining them each month. Infirmaries give you potions, libraries for spells, forges make weapons and training grounds offer skills. It’s a little more complex than that once you get into the nitty gritty, but you get the picture.

Game’s out November 10, going straight up against some of the biggest releases of the year. If you’re interested, Paradox offer it straight through their store.