Ultima 8 Gold Edition is free on Origin

Ultima 8 is free on Origin

 EA is offering another game for free as part of Origin’s On the House initiative. Unlike Theme Hospital or Crusader, however, it’s a bit rubbish. It’s Ultima VIII: Pagan, one of the low points in the Ultima series. But it’s free, so there’s still that.

Ultima VIII was mostly developed without Richard Garriott, and it was rushed out with bugs and design flaws, some of which were eventually fixed with patches. But even with those fixes, it’s still a disappointing Ultima.

But if you are working on an Ultima collection, or maybe just want to see why it was poorly received when it launched in 1994, then you can grab it now without having to worry about setting fire to your money.

Ultima VIII is only free for a limited time, but once you add it to your library, it’s yours for life. Or at least until Origin shuts down.