Nathan Fillion stars in a nearly perfect Uncharted fan film

uncharted movie nathan fillion

Last week, nerd-favourite actor Nathan Fillion made a winking reference to Uncharted on social media. Fillion has been top of the fan casting list for a movie based on Naughty Dog’s adventure series for years, and that little tease set the internet afire with speculation that we’d soon see a live action Nathan Drake. Today, we have exactly that.

Fillion is the star of an Uncharted fan film, available for your viewing pleasure below. It sees Drake captured by a new set of bad guys desperately seeking out another ancient treasure, and hits all the notes you’d hope for, from trademark quips to rollicking action. It doesn’t have quite the budget to pull off the kind of action set piece the series is known for, but aside from that it’s a pitch perfect interpretation of the series.

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It’s only 15 minutes long, so I’ll spare you the plot details – but specific references from Drake’s ring to his adventures in the previous games really make it feel authentic. Director and co-writer Allan Ungar is clearly a fan, leveraging experience in some small-scale (but well-regarded) Canadian action films to put together a solid adaptation here.

Check it out via the director’s YouTube channel.

Of course, Uncharted is a PlayStation-exclusive property, though you can play it on PC thanks to PS Now, and Nathan Fillion features in several PC games including Destiny 2 – which, incidentally, also features the original Nathan Drake, Nolan North. But that’s all a loose justification for us to share a very neat videogame adaptation with you – Hollywood so rarely provides a good one that we need to celebrate where we can.