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The Uncharted movie will release next winter, and star Spider-Man Tom Holland

Tom Holland will play Nathan Drake in the upcoming Uncharted movie, due to hit cinemas 18 December, 2020

It looks like Naughty Dog’s Nathan Drake will finally head to the big screen next winter – according to the Hollywood Reporter, it will hit cinemas December 18, 2020. Oh, and Nate will be played by Avengers star Tom Holland – y’know, Spider-Man – confirming reports by the site two years ago that he was attached to the project.

Yet, even with this new information there’s still not a huge amount of detail known about the movie’s plot or how closely it’ll tie into the videogames’ stories. It will reports suggest it will deviate from the actual game plots, and instead be a prequel-type take on Nate’s younger days, learning his prize-plundering craft from mentor and fellow treasure-chaser Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan.

Jonathan Rosenberg and Mark Walker have drafted the most recent screenplay, and with a release date of next year, it seems likely this’ll be the final one. It doesn’t look like the movie will be following the games’ stories too closely – but there should be more than enough inspiration to take from Nate’s never-ending propensity for predicaments for the writers to work with. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll find a way to cram a “kitty got wet!” in there.

We also know that in January Dan Trachtenberg (10 Cloverfield Lane) joined the film as director. Sony has been trying to get something resembling an Uncharted movie together since way back in 2008, and the plans have seen a lot of development strife since then, so this release date is a huge step forward for the project.

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There’s not a huge amount else just yet – we’ll have to sit tight and wait for more to come out. Well Sony, in the words of Nate: “Yeah, good luck pal, that’s almost impossible to- oh, you did it. Nice”.