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GameMaker, the engine behind Undertale and Hotline Miami, is now free

Want to make the next Undertale? GameMaker, the game development tool behind it and many other games is free for non-commercial use.

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Want to get into game development? Think you could make the next Undertale or Hotline Miami? GameMaker, the tool behind both of those games is now absolutely free for non-commercial use.

Has wholesome RPG game Undertale inspired you to make your own 2D gaming gem? Or maybe you just want to get a taste of game development? Then you’ll be happy to hear that videogame engine GameMaker is free for non-commercial use – likely a result of the studio’s recent acquisition by browser developer, Opera.

Formerly GameMaker Studio, now just GameMaker, the engine has powered a host of 2D games. Undertale (and Deltarune) aside, it’s also been used to build Hotline Miami, Hyper Light Drifter, Nuclear Throne and many more.

And now, it’s free for personal use on PC. So what’s the catch. Honestly, nothing. In light of Unity’s controversial fee changes, the teams behind several different game development toolkits have stepped up to make their own offerings more appealing.

You will have to pay GameMaker if you actually want to sell your game on PC, but there’s good news on that front too. YoYo Games, the company behind GameMaker has introduced a single, one-time license fee of $99.

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That said, while there are ways to do 3D things with GameMaker, it’s basically a 2D engine. If you’re looking to make the next Dusk, you should probably look elsewhere.

GameMaker’s asset bundles are also now free. “The new pricing structure reflects GameMaker’s commitment to making game development more accessible and flexible,” GameMaker head Russell Kay explains.

So, if you’ve ever been sufficiently inspired by a game, or played one so terrible you thought, “I could do better”, here’s your chance. You can download GameMaker here.

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