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Free Undertale prequel seven years in the making is finally out

Undertale Yellow is a free fan prequel to Toby Fox's indie hit seven years in the making, and it's just released to massive fan acclaim.

Undertale Yellow: a cartoon image of a young person dressed like a cowboy holding a revolver

Undertale is by far one of the best, and most influential, indie games ever made. Developed by Toby Fox, who’s now working on the episodic Deltarune, it’s also had its fair share of fan games. One such fan project has been in development for seven years, and after all that time Undertale Yellow has finally been released, and you can play it for free.

Undertale Yellow is a spinoff to 2015’s Undertale, and uses Fox’s game as a basis to tell a new story that acts as a prequel to the indie game hit. The core gameplay and presentation are the same, but you control a child named Clover who falls into the Underground. There are over 100 music tracks that either remix Fox’s work or come up with something entirely new, and there are the same types of puzzles, characters, and decisions to make.

Naturally, Undertale Yellow also has some spoilers for the original game, and it’s also designed to be of a “slightly higher difficulty” too, so if you’ve not played the original I’d recommend you do that first – if you’re here I’m guessing you have though.

I’ve taken Undertale Yellow for a spin myself as an avid fan of the original, and the free game truly is a sight to behold. It feels exactly like Undertale, but it’s also still incredibly unique and different. If you’re a fan of the game and Deltarune, you owe it to yourself to try this.

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While you can easily find and download it on GameJolt right now, when it first launched it had so many people trying to access it that the site broke.

Considering how Fox started out by making an EarthBound fan game, which you can easily tell had a colossal impact on Undertale, seeing another group of developers bring it full circle and release their own Undertale fan game is nothing short of astounding.

Just like how Portal 2 Revolution wants to be a feature-complete prequel to the Valve classic, Undertale Yellow offers up a free story within the same universe, from an incredibly dedicated and skilled group of fans.

The reception across Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit has also been immensely positive, with many just happy that the fangame actually came out. Even the Twitter announcement has well over 100,000 likes and four million views, solidifying how this fan game has officially entered the stratosphere.

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