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Unravel will be playable early by those on Origin Access, everyone else shown how to make their own Yarny

Unravel Yarny tutorial

The single saddest game in development, Unravel, is planning to tug at your heartstrings a little early if you sign up for EA’s newly announced Origin Access subscription service. From February 4th, five days before the official release, you’ll get access to the first two full levels of the game and have ten hours to play them in. You won’t get the full game come the 9th, but it’ll at least give you a preview to figure out if all those emotions come with some decent jumping included.

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You can read a bit more about it on the Origin Access Trials page. Any progress you make – presumably completing the pair of starter maps – will be carried over to the final version should you decide to buy. I said it when the service was announced, but on top of the games you get access to it seems like a very good deal for just over the price of a pint a month. Hopefully they start making better ads for it than this one at some point soon. Oh, Bill.

Meanwhile the marketing folks at EA try to work out how to properly sell a game that seems to be only about being unhappy all of the time. They’ve come up with this video of the creator, Martin Sahlin, showing you how to make your own Yarny:

That’s slightly less complicated than I was expecting, but I am a man who has never created anything that didn’t involve tapping at a keyboard until words appeared. There’s a more detailed version on the official sitethat clarifies what kind of materials you’ll need and the instructions. Once you’ve made it, they want a picture sent to them via Twitter so they can put it into a lovely collage.

That should hopefully take you up until release at the start of next month. None of the team here have been hands on, so we’re not sure how it plays, but there is at least something interesting about Unravel’s quaint world. Hopefully it isn’t just another feels-former.