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Unravel’s puzzles explored in new trailer that explains just how much you can do with yarn

Unravel puzzles

Watching the standard PR wheel move for Unravel has been an odd, sometimes hilarious experience. It’s a mostly slow-paced, low-action and emotions-heavy game that doesn’t trailer well in traditional terms, but it has marketing juggernaut EA behind it firing on all cylinders anyway. They’re just about managing to combine the two, with the help of charmingly calm-voiced creative director Martin Sahlin. I’ll even listen to him explain the many application of yarn.

Plenty more great games of 2016 coming up, of course.

Which isexactly what he’s doing in this latest trailer, showing how Yarny’s unique, uh, body is used to solve puzzles and progress.

There’s actually quite a bit more there than I was expecting. More moving back and forth and regular uses of the yarn to progress than I thought. I’m not sure exactly what I expected, but there was an air of exploration to early footage that isn’t quite the same here. For the better, I think – as much as I enjoy a good bit of walking around, when you’re a 2D platformer I’d err on the side of interaction.

A few more details in this accompanying blog post, also written by Sahlin. The game is out on February 9th, but you can get Unravel early if you’re part of the Origin Access program.