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If you can make a croissant look this good in Unreal Engine, you can get a free 1080 Ti

unreal nvidia edge program

Hey, you. Are you a digital graphics artist in a position to create some of the best looking creations in Unreal? Epic and Nvidia might just have a 1080 Ti to give you, as well as a prominent spot to highlight your work.

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The Nvidia Edge Program has been running since July, and in celebration of the six month anniversary they’ve launched a site highlighting all the best submissions they’ve received, across indie games, VR apps, and really anything that can be built in Unreal. Sometimes that’s photorealistic images, and sometimes it’s especially impressive animation tech.

Either way, the winning submissions each month are given a free 1080 Ti to bolster their hardware performance, and the developers Nvidia quotes say the added horsepower makes it far less time-consuming to generate impressive assets. Those cards aren’t cheap at MSRP, and given current hardware shortages the prices have gotten downright astronomical.

Honestly, I’m just hungry after seeing the croissants in Scandinavian Apartment. Check out the highlight video above or the official website here for more.