A brief glimpse at Unreal Tournament’s deathmatch: “We have a game now”

Unreal Tournament deathmatch

Back at the end of May, the Unreal Tournament Team showed off the first footage of the upcoming multiplayer shooter. It came not long after the announcement of the project, and looked basic, to say the least. There were two guns and a big open space with some boxes, and that was it. 

Only a few months later, and there’s been a lot of changes. All the guns are in the game and the team has daily play tests. “We have a game now,” says senior designer Jim Brown. 

Unreal Tournament’s development is open, with the development team and the community both helping it grow.

In the latest video, Brown and lead level designer David Spalinski take a look at a community made map, and then the team plays a deathmatch, shouting out suggestions as they shoot the crap out of each other.

While it’s still early days, this brief look shows a game that’s leaps and bounds beyond what was shown off back in may. And we’ve got some idea of what the art style will look like, as the team showcased the first level concept, a slightly dirty, white industrial complex.