Unreal Tournament’s Outpost 23 trailer shows off blisteringly fast fighting

Unreal Tournament trailer

Unreal Tournament is coming along nicely from the look of the new gameplay trailer. It’s set in Outpost 23, a concept of which was the first map shown off by the team last summer, a sci-fi industrial map, but now it’s full of folk sprinting around its halls and chambers, spraying death everywhere. Lovely!

When talking about the map concept that would eventually evolve into Outpost 23, art director Chris Perna said that it was his attempt to bring a bit more realism to Unreal. He compared the series to Tim Burton’s take on Batman, while Outpost 23 is more like Nolan’s.

It creates an interesting juxtaposition when players are involved. The inhumanly fast firefights with flak cannons blowing everything up and bio rifles covering everything in goo lights up the stark complex, turning the otherwise realistic map into a brilliant, violent cartoon disco.

Unreal Tournament is in alpha at the moment, and you can download it from the official site.