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Indiana Jones inspired card game blends survival crafting and tabletop

Untraveled Lands Chantico is a blend of survival crafting and tabletop card games inspired by Indiana Jones, and coming to Steam in 2024.

Untraveled Lands Chantico - A bearded explorer with circular glasses looks on in wide-eyed worry.

A mixture of survival crafting and roguelike deckbuilder, Untraveled Lands Chantico is a new card game inspired by the likes of Indiana Jones and Mesoamerican culture, from developer Tall Troll Games. The team behind clever turn-based strategy game Dark Chess has turned its hand to a management game that perhaps more closely resembles tabletop card games, and it’s coming to Steam later this year.

Untraveled Lands: Chantico is a new card game with survival and roguelike elements all about surviving in “a world lost in time.” Trapped in the depths of the jungle, you’ll have to use your heroes to gather resources, craft items and equipment to keep yourself alive and help you explore, and venture into the environment in search of hidden ruins that contain the key to making it home once again.

The game’s trailer does perhaps the best job of explaining the general rhythm of play. You’re given a selection of hero cards, each of which can move through the jungle in search of resources, or be placed onto a stack of already gathered materials to craft new items and equipment that they can use. The card-based format ensures that, unlike more traditional survival games, no two games will ever be quite the same.

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You’ll also get into battles with “mystical creatures, rival explorers, and the jungle itself,” so you’ll need to make sure you’re prepared for any eventuality as you head out, or the next expedition might be your last.

“Our team holds a deep love for board and card games, which has greatly influenced our decision-making processes,” art director Dennis Kostroman explains. “With this in mind, Chantico was conceptualized, aiming to combine elements from survival crafting games with the strategic nature of card games.”

Untraveled Lands: Chantico is set to launch on Steam in the fourth quarter of 2024. You can check out the game’s store page to add it to your wishlist if you want to stay up to date with all the latest information and be notified when it becomes available.

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